5 things about money that are strange when you start to think about them

I typically think about money in terms of what it can do for people, but sometimes, I think about money itself, in the abstract. Kind of like this guy: Okay, actually not at all like that guy. But sometimes it is interesting to think about money in the abstract. And the more you think about … Continue reading »

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Remember who you’re doing it for

We talk so much about getting on track with your finances, making progress, breaking old behaviors and forming new patterns. We know why we’re doing it, usually. For me, I believe we’re doing all this so that we can feel better. There is a sense of peace that comes with financial security. For me, it’s … Continue reading »

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Affiliate mania, problem companies, and bling: Notes from the exhibition hall at FinCon 2017

After a while, you realize that conferences tend to have a lot of the same characteristics. They tend to have: Cavernous breakout rooms with uncomfortable chairs and a water pitcher by the door A wheeled table with coffee and tea that shows up and disappears at odd times Large plenary sessions and smaller breakout sessions … Continue reading »

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Are you investing or just speculating?

The economics of the household aren’t great. Not only do you need to keep a reasonably good-paying job for at least four decades, butĀ also you need to plan for a period of your life, say the last third of it, where you may not be able to earn a good living and have to live … Continue reading »

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Get your credit reports all at once or spread them out?

If you’ve been thinking that I’ve been silent about the Equifax breach because I haven’t cared, you’d be wrong. Instead, I’ve been feeling a mix of fear and despair, not unlike what I felt on November 9th this past year, a realization (or maybe a refresher) that supremely incompetent people are running the show, and … Continue reading »

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How store credit cards foreshadow the retail apocalypse

In my last post, I mentioned how I had once had an Exxon credit card given to me by my mom to use for emergencies. It made me think about those specialty credit cards. How quaint I thought. A credit card that people would use at a given store. And then I had a bit … Continue reading »

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Emergencies are the worst time for using debt

Not long after I got my drivers license, my mom gave me an Exxon card to carry around with me. “For emergencies, in case you run out of gas and are stranded.” I never used it. It’s not that I had any special objection to using it at the time (aside from not wanting to … Continue reading »

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Can someone please explain to me why there is so much wage disparity?

I worked in retail for many years. I sometimes have nightmares that I’ll have to go back to it. And yet, I think my retail experiences were relatively tame. A department story, a toy store, a gas station, Kinko’s. I never had to work as a busboy or waiter. I never ever had to work … Continue reading »

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If you’re not wealthy, is it your fault?

I’m troubled. I was listening to a program on the radio (which I’ll leave unnamed for reasons you’ll see soon). It was one of the 27 various programs on financial wellness that seem to pepper the AM dial at any given time. On the program, the host was talking about people who had become millionaires. … Continue reading »

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Uber now allows tips: What’s 20% of $0?

The news was electrifying: Uber, the sharecropping system of the transportation industry, was finally allowing passengers to tip their drivers. Amazingly, this wasn’t a thing before now. There was no option to tip a driver, except if you were to pay in cash, which most Uber riders, sexy forward-thinking futurists all, didn’t carry. (To its … Continue reading »

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