You must fight the Tired

  Life is tiring. Anyone who brings up an argument like, “What? You only work eight hours a day, so you have sixteen hours left” is either myopic or trying to sell you something. If you’re single, then you need to take care of an entire household. If you have kids, your life revolves around … Continue reading »

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Pay what you owe (and take the high road)

  Last time I talked about how I automate all my bills, and recommend that you do the same. But during the course of my argument, I dropped in this statement: …most of all, your record will say that you did not do what you promised to do. Yes, you may be dealing with companies … Continue reading »

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Give yourself less time

  I’m writing this post while procrastinating on work that I’m supposed to be doing. I know, I’m sure this sounds totally unfamiliar to you.

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Your work may not be original, but that’s not the point

  For those who haven’t read the post about Ze Frank, go watch this video. Go ahead, I’ll wait. A terrible place between zero and one I confess I watched this video with a strange mixture of excitement, amazement, and agony. Excitement, because his message was so compelling and his enthusiasm so contagious that I … Continue reading »

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Lessons from a burning building

  Have you ever wondered how someone could jump off the ledge of a building that’s on fire? Picture the scene, the flames roaring out of the windows of a multi-story building. The top floors are totally engulfed, thick black smoke filling the air. The person stands on a ledge way up toward the roof. … Continue reading »

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Send out more demos, or how to make things happen

  Some years ago, I engaged in a lengthy interview/fanboy email correspondence with Pete Fijalkowski, singer of the enormously under-appreciated 90’s-era British band Adorable.  This being before the days of social media ubiquity, it was a rarity to be able to engage so directly with a “famous” (to me) person, and having his email address … Continue reading »

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Van Gogh was a poseur, or why it’s okay to be a novice

  I often hear people being reluctant to start something new.  “I’m afraid I’m going to do it wrong,” is usually how the hesitation displays itself.  I know that feeling myself, of course, having a whole host of things that I’m neither good at nor confident in.  And yet, whenever I hear someone say that, … Continue reading »

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