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I write a lot here at Unlikely Radical, and I hope that you’ll find all of the information here useful.

But there comes a time when you need to move past the reading, and on to the doing.

Because let’s face it, the system we exist in is broken. It’s run by the big banks and corporations. They benefit from you being in debt. They profit from your loss.

This isn’t how things need to be, though. You can get out of debt, you can take control of your finances and your life. You can be happier and more fulfilled.

To do this, though, you need to stop giving your money to the institutions you don’t support, and start giving to those you do.

What I Offer

In addition to my regular posting here on Unlikely Radical, I also offer what I call integrative financial coaching. I want to help you get free from your financial difficulties. When you’re hampered by debt and scared about the future, you are much less able to do your part than when you are standing on your own two feet and confident. My goal is to get you there.

But just talking about the money is not sufficient. Money is possibly more deeply tied to our emotions than anything else in life. Money has the power to give us a feeling of safety or fear, bring us sadness or joy, fill us with envy or contentedness, and can affect you in countless other ways. So it’s important to talk about the emotional aspects of money too. We need to get to the root of your feelings, and then move on to your dreams and goals. Only then can we connect the dots and get you there.

Why I can help you

Ten years ago, I was barely making my ends meet. I had moved to New York to “live the dream”, and I was paying through the nose for it. I had tens of thousands of dollars of debt, almost all of it student loans. I was very lonely.

Today, I now live in Portland, a wonderful city, with good friends who make my life better every day. I feel more confident about the future than ever before. And I was able to become completely debt-free. That’s right, I paid off all of my student loans, and kept no balances on any credit cards.

Today, the only debt I have is a mortgage, and I have a plan to aggressively pay that off. Aside from that, every dollar that I make goes to either my limited bills (food, rent, etc.) enjoyment of life (going out to eat, travel), giving to others, or saving for the future. And it feels awesome.

I didn’t get this far by winning the lottery, that’s for sure. I just decided to live within my means. And then figured out how to make it work. That meant not buying things I couldn’t afford. That meant buying used when others were buying new. That meant saying no to many things I wanted. That meant finding creative ways to make things work, without feeling like I was sacrificing unecessarily. It meant living a little differently from the people around me. It made me feel a little weird.

When I became debt-free, I threw a party. Why a party? Because the feeling was incredible. I wanted to celebrate, but more importantly, I wanted everyone to feel this way. As someone who has spent so much of his life being scared, and having found a way to make some of that fear go away, I want to help others feel the same way.

That means you.

What We’ll Do

When was the last time you had someone actually help you with the day-to-day workings of your financial plan?

That’s where we’ll start. We’ll look at your existing financial situation, and I’ll help you develop a detailed plan, based on your goals. But more than that, we’ll also convene around your dreams and fears, and work through the difficulties and bumps you’ve experienced along the road. In integrative financial coaching, you are more than just a plan and a spreadsheet. So I will also be listening to you, understanding where you are, and learning where you’d like to be.

Everything is kept in complete confidence. I work with single people and couples, young and old, liberal and conservative. All lifestyles are unique, and all are welcome. All you need is a desire to work hard.

What We Won’t Do

Let’s dispel some ideas straight away. The following are services that I do not offer:

  • No get-rich-quick schemes. There are answers to your issues, but none of them are likely to be easy, and none of them will be quick. You will need to commit to some hard work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your financial situation wasn’t either.
  • No bankruptcy filings. I won’t help with bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a necessity for some people, but I don’t think it’s as necessary as many people think it is. If you need bankruptcy counseling, there are many other services that can help you.
  • No debt forgiveness. To forgive is divine, but to honor your commitments is more honorable. Our work is to get you out of a mess, not sweep it under the carpet. Every dollar you owe, you will need to pay.
  • No credit counseling. So much energy has been wasted on credit counseling that they seem to have forgotten that if you act honorably and ethically, your credit problems will take care of themselves. So while you should make sure your credit report is accurate, I won’t concern myself with your credit “score”, and I don’t think you should either.
  • No legal advice. This one is the “fine print”, though it’s in a normal font size. Any advice I will give is non-legally binding, and you choose to follow any of my advice at your own risk. While I honestly believe that if you follow the plan we work up together, you will be better off, but all decisions you make are your own.

Radical Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to be satisfied. I want you to be happy, overjoyed, excited. I only value your money if you feel this way.

That’s why I’m offering what I call the Radical Satisfaction Guarantee, which states:

After our first session, if you are unsatisfied for any reason at all, I will refund your money 120%.

That’s how important it is to me that you are satisfied. I am so confident that our work together will be worthwhile to you, that if you don’t feel completely satisfied, just say so, and I will refund your money entirely, plus 20% extra for your troubles. That’s how strongly I believe in my work, and your chances for success.

There are no catches. Crazy? No, just radical.

Make the change happen

How would you feel if you had no bills to pay? No student loans? No credit cards? What would you be able to accomplish?

How would you feel if you had six months worth of bills and expenses in a savings account? Think about the sheer relief, knowing that if you lost your job, you’d be okay for long enough to find something else.

How would you feel if you were financially free? Think of how you could change your own life, and the lives of others. Think of what causes you could support.

I can answer all of these questions. It would feel awesome.

Contact me for rates and availability

I offer a free, no-obligation, 30 minute phone consultation to see if my services are right for you. 

So if you’re ready, send me a message and let’s get started today.




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