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How to handle when your luggage doesn’t show up

Alaska Airlines has been pretty good to me. While their product isn’t anything extravagant, it’s certainly enjoyable enough, and I pretty much never have to deal with agents who totally hate their life (which was something I encountered with regularity on other airlines). The question is: can this love fest with Alaska survive a epic … Continue reading »

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How you can use same day flight change rules to save on airfare

I think Alaska Airlines is pretty much the best domestic airline out there right now. Bold claim, I know, and there are many different criteria that go into such a rating, but I say this based on a combination of how well they treat customers (both frequent and non-frequent) and how much employees appears to … Continue reading »

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The problems with airline loyalty

So by now, I’ve talked about the problems inherent in certain retail loyalty programs. Programs like Starbucks Rewards and Amazon Prime seem like a good deal, but can often force you in making decisions based on the idea that you’ve “already paid for it”, rather than any good financial decisions. But, as you know, one of my … Continue reading »

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How to find better award availability on Alaska Airlines using connecting cities

  I’m heading to Montreal next month, which is exciting, as I’ve only been there once before, and in December, not exactly an optimal time for visiting a Canadian city. I looked at using (Alaska) miles for the trip, but the problem was that, at least on the way back, award availability was very tight … Continue reading »

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When to let your points expire

  I once wrote to not let your airline miles expire.  But there are always exceptions, and I am starting to think that there are reasons worth discussing. Sacrilege? No, just simplification and efficiency.

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Is it possible to be with more than one … airline?

  I never realized that when we met, it would last so long. I remember it well. It was 2001, and I was on my way to Burning Man. I was terribly late in getting to the airport, too late, an employee at the curb told me, to be able to check my bag. Before … Continue reading »

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