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Forget Amazon, I’m going with Jet

I talked about how Amazon has recently taken to requiring you to join Amazon Prime in order to purchase some of its products. To me, that seemed like a bridge too far. And so I began researching alternatives to Amazon. I found a worthy contender relatively quickly, as I had recalled a news article I … Continue reading »

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Why Amazon is starting to remind me of the mob

If you recall my time on the Slow Carb Diet, you may recall that I’m a big fan of Vega protein powder. The one I use has a good amount of greens and antioxidants, a tasty flavor without sugar, and doesn’t use any animal products like whey or casein, which are not necessary forĀ our diet. … Continue reading »

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The time I almost thought that Amazon Prime was a good deal for me

I’ve talked about Amazon Prime before. My general take is that it’s probably not worth it, unless you would be paying for the music/movie streaming service, or buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. Amazon really really really wants you to sign up for Amazon Prime. It’s in all of their marketing funnel messages, every … Continue reading »

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The financial risks of Amazon Prime

  I periodically buy things on Amazon. Not all the time, and I don’t keep up much what the giant of Seattle (the other one, not the one that makes the coffee) is up to. But I had recently put something in my cart, and noticed that the usual remarks about how much to add … Continue reading »

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Beware of induced spending (or the perils of credit card travel benefits)

  I read lots of travel hacking blogs, as I’ve mentioned many times. And because sometimes travel hacking blogs seem more like credit card sales pages, I ingest many marketing messages on a regular basis. So when I was writing my post about applying for NEXUS to get Global Entry, I could hear a voice … Continue reading »

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