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Why I charge for my services

I am not good at asking for money. If you want an example of my personal hell, it would be to be one those of people who stand on street corners and accost you as you pass. “Hey friend! You’re looking sharp today! I bet you like [whales/children/whatever they are fundraising for].” (Although, come to … Continue reading »

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What pennies taught me about the problem of private interest in government

I long for the days where it seemed like we fully funded the federal government to do its job or serving its people and keeping private interests in check. I think so much good could come from another set of New Deal projects, where we were able to fund infrastructure and other public benefits. Alas, … Continue reading »

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Can I help you plan a flight?

  “You could totally make a business out of that.” I was explaining the various details of my upcoming mileage run to my dinner companion. She must have noticed the wildness in my eyes as I talked excitedly about connections, layovers, and hours spent looking at various flight options. After all, it’s a rare person … Continue reading »

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Why free markets don’t foster competition

  My favorite class in high school was my 11th grade American Studies. Sadly no longer offered in a world of AP courses and teach-to-the-test education, this was a combination of American history and and American literature. I never had much interest in history until I took this class, but the teacher had such a … Continue reading »

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How disruptive innovation enables effective protest

  Last time, I talked about how protesting a single oil company wasn’t an effective way to effect change. Instead, I argued for reducing car-dependency through land use changes. This undermining of a business model is known as disruptive innovation, and I think it can be a useful idea to think about when you’re working … Continue reading »

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