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Here’s how I’m going to get a Tesla

I’m not a “car guy”. I understand that there’s an aesthetic about “acceleration” and “handling”, and how a car “feels”, but I’ve always just wanted one to get me from A to B in relative comfort and without breaking down. When I was a teenager, my friend told me about a new kind of car. It … Continue reading »

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How to choose a deductible

  WARNING: This post contains math. My car was hit the other day. We got a freak snow storm here in normally-rainy Portland, and people do not know how to handle driving in this weather. (To be fair, Oregon doesn’t salt the roads after a snow storm. This feels slightly insane to me, but I guess … Continue reading »

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Electric cars and other answers to the wrong questions

  So it turns out there are lots of reasons why people would take public transit if they didn’t have to. You may have noticed that I omitted a discussion of the environmental benefits for public transit. There were a few reasons for this. First, I didn’t want to turn the post into an environmental screed. We … Continue reading »

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Who is responsible when a pedestrian is killed?

  My neighbor in New York City was killed a few years ago. She was riding home on her bicycle, and was hit by someone driving an SUV. Criminal charges were never filed against the driver, though he was sued in civil court by her family and was eventually found culpable for her death. Her … Continue reading »

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You can determine how much things cost

  If I told you that you could have something you really wanted for $600, but you could also have it for $19 a month for three years, which one would you choose? If you chose the latter, I invite you to reconsider.

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Is there ever a reason to buy a new car?

  New cars are alluring. Who can deny that? The combination of something being all new, mixed with the sense of freedom (real or imagined) creates an intoxication that is hard to resist. Notice I said “intoxication.” Like lots of intoxicants, it can cause you to do regrettable things.

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Ignore interest rates on debt

  “This card has a 12% APR.” “My student loan is fixed at 5%.” “I can get a new car with a 0% interest loan.” Interest rates are talked about quite often when it comes to financial matters. Mostly, this is because it’s easy; the numbers are usually low, whole numbers, and those are simple … Continue reading »

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