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The surprise I got from spending only cash for a month

  For the past month, I have spent nothing but cash for all my expenses. (Bills were paid automatically.) You can read about why I did this in greater detail, but more than anything, I basically just wanted to see what would happen. Would I spend more? Would I spend less? What would I learn … Continue reading »

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A month of living cash-only

  I’ve talked about how to spend money. When you think about it, it’s a surprisingly complex decision, and one that takes place many times a day. I’ve hammered home the point about the dangers of putting everyday spending on a credit card. You spend more because you don’t feel the money, and it makes … Continue reading »

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Challenge: Travel to one new country every year

Got any travel plans for this year? Still think that travel isn’t in the cards for you, despite your wish to the contrary? I have a challenge for you. And I think you can achieve it, both this year and every year from here on out.

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