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Why I charge for my services

I am not good at asking for money. If you want an example of my personal hell, it would be to be one those of people who stand on street corners and accost you as you pass. “Hey friend! You’re looking sharp today! I bet you like [whales/children/whatever they are fundraising for].” (Although, come to … Continue reading »

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What is integrative financial coaching?

  For a few years now, I’ve offered what I call “integrative financial coaching“. You may be wondering what this means. What exactly are we integrating?

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Where to go from here

  I always try to keep my posts focused on you, and how I can use the few things I’ve learned to help you out. I use my antics as a jumping off point, but let’s be honest, if this site were just about me, the only people who would be reading would be my … Continue reading »

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