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Would I have done college differently if I had wanted to avoid debt?

I’m annoyed when I think about debt. It’s a┬áthing that I want to get away from, like a snoring person in the room, or a screaming baby on the plane. I want it gone. When I was in high school, debt wasn’t something I thought about. I went to college and took out student loans, … Continue reading »

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You are no longer allowed to say you didn’t know your college degree wouldn’t pay off

  College tuition in the US rises somewhere in the vicinity of 7% a year. Wage inflation rises between 1%-4%, depending on the source you consult and how good a year we’re having. This is clearly, mathematically unsustainable. You don’t even need to be fully aware to see that at this rate, college will eventually … Continue reading »

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How to do college wrong

  There were parts of college that I did pretty stupidly. I mean, I guess everyone is stupid in college in some way, but I mean that I made some decisions (or rather, didn’t make some decisions) that I would never do if I were in that situation today. In fact, if I were advising … Continue reading »

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A conversation about debt

(My friend Saul of Hearts recently posted an article about his experiences with leveraging debt. As I thought it was an interesting take on a subject that I have some strong feelings about, we talked about me writing a response post and going from there. He agreed, and here is the result.) (Update: Saul responded … Continue reading »

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