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How to move forward when you feel like the world is going to end

On a Tuesday morning in September, a little over 15 years ago, I was waking up for work. At the time, my alarm was set to play classic rock radio (I believe it was 94.1 WYSP). While I usually woke up to something by Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and the like, this morning, the DJ was … Continue reading »

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Join the Portland Integrative Finance Community!

  I’ve created a Meetup group! Called Portland Integrative Finance Community, it is a group where we can come together to share our experiences around two central questions: How can we use money to help us achieve our goals? How can we keep money from being a drain on our lives and our relationships? Let’s … Continue reading »

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What do “social insurance programs” have to do with personal finance?

Last time, I wrote about someone who claimed that all of the important personal finance tenetsĀ could fit on an index card. And who then produced that index card. It contained nine ideas or suggestions, eight of which I tackled in the previous post. But the last one was so interesting and unexpected that I thought … Continue reading »

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The necessity of being a millionaire

  So I talked about how being a millionaire is both more achievable and less meaningful than ever before. In fact, I’ll go even further by saying that for many of us, it’s also effectively mandatory. Yes, I’m saying that it’s not a matter of aspiring to be a millionaire, but that you need to … Continue reading »

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Is it subversive to repair things?

  I had the pleasure of stopping by a “repair cafe” this past weekend. A repair cafe is an event that matches up people who can repair things with people who need things repaired. Organized by RepairPDX, a local organization that hosts these types of events, anyone was welcome to bring broken objects, with no … Continue reading »

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How Ebola made me rethink responsibility (and flu shots)

  Sooooo, heard about any infectious diseases recently that have a non-zero mortality rate and no cure? You guessed it: It’s flu season again!

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Don’t let being alone stop you

  Last time, I talked about how experiences are better shared with people, and in fact can be less important than the people themselves and theirĀ camaraderie. But as I was writing, I had a interesting devil’s advocate thought: “That sounds wonderful, but what if you don’t have people to do these things with? If it’s … Continue reading »

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It’s about the people

  I climbed Mt. St. Helens a few days ago. I’m not bragging, though; it’s not actually a technical climb like you might expect. Despite the snow-covered peak you see north of Portland, peeking (peaking?) out in the distance, you don’t need crampons, ice-picks, or any professional training. About all you need are hiking poles, … Continue reading »

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Why do you feel poor?

  Many people are feeling poor these days. “The down economy and all.” “So much debt.” “My rent keeps going up.” “Government taking more of my hard-earned money.” There are loads of reasons. There is a difference between feeling poor and being poor though, and I think that many of us who feel poor aren’t … Continue reading »

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How to defeat the lawn mower army

  Walk outside your house and look around on your street. Chances are that you can see maybe a dozen houses. Now I want to let you in on a secret: Everyone of those houses probably has a lawn mower.

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