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How to combine finances when you’re non-monogamous

  So, if you’ve been following along, I talked about commingling finances for couples, and the importance of talking about dreams to get on board together. Then I hedged a bit and talked about how speaking solely of couples is inadequate, that the focus on just two people rules out people whose lives contain more than … Continue reading »

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The importance of a shared financial strategy for couples

  In my post about how couples can combine their finances, I ended by stating that if there was any wrong answer on the many ways that such commingling was possible, it was to not talk about your strategy. If two people are working in opposite directions, they are going to get nowhere. If one person … Continue reading »

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How couples can combine their finances

  So, you found that special someone, and decided to take the leap, either toward cohabitation, or civil union, or marriage, or anything that merits the phrase “take the leap“. Congrats! I bet one thing you’re not thinking about in all of the excitement is money. Unsurprisingly, I believe that’s a mistake. Because talking about your … Continue reading »

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