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What payment method(s) to use for bills

Choosing your method of payment for things isn’t as straightforward as you might think. That’s why I created a short guide called “How to spend money“. But I was really just talking about expenses in that post. What about bills?

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A quick primer on obtaining and using foreign currencies when traveling

As I mentioned about tracking expenses when traveling abroad, other countries don’t use US dollars. (I’m joking about this being notable, of course.) But switching between currencies presents some extra challenges and requires extra awareness to prevent getting burned with fees. So if you’ve got international travel coming up, and especially if you haven’t done … Continue reading »

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Why foreign transaction fees are (annoying but) no big deal

  WARNING: This post contains math. Are you old enough to remember travelers checks? When I went on my first trip abroad when I was much younger, that was still the de facto method of using currency when in a different country. These days, however, travelers checks seemĀ as anachronistic as fax machines. Instead, when people … Continue reading »

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Why the Home Depot and Target breaches aren’t an argument for using credit cards

  Another month, another major retailer announces that their internal records have been hacked, and their customer credit/debit card accounts stolen. This time it was 60 million accounts, making it the biggest breach ever. I was at dinner the other night when the discussion of the latest breach at Home Depot came up. I was … Continue reading »

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How to spend money

  You grab the items off the shelf and bring them to the counter. You hand them to the cashier, who scans it and then tells you how much it costs. The cashier then looks at you, expectantly. How do you pay for the items? I don’t mean to turn this into a Choose Your … Continue reading »

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