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More about how not to get lost

In my last post, I started talking about how not to get lost. I believe everyone can both know where they are, as well as figure out where they need to go.¬†All it takes is a little focused energy, patience, and the desire to actually do it. But perhaps I was a little hasty. I … Continue reading »

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How not to get lost

People say I have a very good sense of direction. I guess so. I prefer to say that most people have an undeveloped (or rather, untapped) sense of direction. Just like I believe that anyone can become good with math over time, I believe that anyone can become better with directions over time. In both … Continue reading »

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Are you actually “directionally challenged?”

  While thinking about my idea for “Stop Messing Around With Your Phone Day“, I tried to come up with a more nuanced view of what was considered “messing around” versus “legitimate use”. And one of those cases that seemed like it could go either way is the navigation/maps feature common to all phones these … Continue reading »

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How to live without a smartphone

I’ve talked before about how I’m a great fan of the dumbphone, that is, a mobile phone without internet/web capabilities. I’ve never owned a smartphone, in fact, and don’t plan to get one, at least as long as I can avoid it. It’s okay if you have a smartphone, of course. That said, an informal … Continue reading »

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