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When is it time to let your dream die?

  Wow, is it just me, or is this time of the year been full of upheaval? Between people moving, relationships changing structure, and others switching jobs, it seems that nothing is nailed down. Maybe that’s what happens every year around this time. The giddy excitement of Spring turns into the all-out busyness of Summer, … Continue reading »

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The importance of a shared financial strategy for couples

  In my post about how couples can combine their finances, I ended by stating that if there was any wrong answer on the many ways that such commingling was possible, it was to not talk about your strategy. If two people are working in opposite directions, they are going to get nowhere. If one person … Continue reading »

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How badly do you want it?

  Stop for a second and think about what you want most. It could be worldly or ethereal, it doesn’t matter. And to be clear, I mean the first idea that came to mind. Don’t skip over it because you feel ashamed or guilty or undeserving. Don’t sugar coat it within your own mind. Think … Continue reading »

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You may be lonely, but not forever

  It’s going to happen. As you forge your own path, as you say no to what people around are saying yes to (and vice versa), some people are bound to not understand. You’re going to get resistance. “That’s not how the world works.” “Come on, you can’t do that.” “Who do you think you are?”

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