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Maybe don’t freeze your credit just yet

Since the Equifax dumpster fire breach, I’m still on the fence about freezing my credit. Perhaps this is surprising. After all, now that my information, along with 143 million others, has likely been taken by who-knows-who for who-knows-what purpose, it might seem like an obvious move to try to restrict what can be done with … Continue reading »

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Get your credit reports all at once or spread them out?

If you’ve been thinking that I’ve been silent about the Equifax breach because I haven’t cared, you’d be wrong. Instead, I’ve been feeling a mix of fear and despair, not unlike what I felt on November 9th this past year, a realization (or maybe a refresher) that supremely incompetent people are running the show, and … Continue reading »

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Adventures in accessing credit reports

  I recently decided to find out what was on my credit report. I figure, if my permanentĀ record is going to follow me around, I might as well know what it says about me. AndĀ perhaps a nefarious Mike with a mustache is going around using my identity to get credit cards and rack up thousands … Continue reading »

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