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Why overdraft charges are okay (but unecessary)

  Overdraft charges are the great irony of banking. You get charged a fee when you try to make a purchase and you don’t have sufficient money in your account. It would almost be a joke if it weren’t so humorless. Nonetheless, I can’t say that I’m against them.

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How would you handle a loss of income?

  The local free paper in town recently did a story on the local homeless population, interviewing a few of them and getting their own individual stories rather than treating them as one faceless mass. Today, I was reading the letters to the editor in the actual paper, and surveyed the usual gamut of reactions, … Continue reading »

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But keeping track of expenses is hard!

  I have suggested that you keep track of your expenses as they occur throughout the month. This raises some eyebrows, and questions are often asked. But instead of a standard FAQ, I thought it might be more fun to hash this out in a sort of Socratic dialog. Which might actually be the same … Continue reading »

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The secret life of your money

  Your money has a secret life. You may think that you don’t know this, but you actually do. Have you ever sat down and said to yourself, “I just don’t know where my money goes off to?” Yeah, I thought so.

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Why keeping a budget is just like getting a raise

  I want you to keep track of what you earn and spend. But why? Is it a deep-seated need to assign homework? No way. Do I want you to become obsessed with your budget and spend hours and hours on it? Hardly. Do I want you to care about this stuff as much as … Continue reading »

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