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How to move forward when you feel like the world is going to end

On a Tuesday morning in September, a little over 15 years ago, I was waking up for work. At the time, my alarm was set to play classic rock radio (I believe it was 94.1 WYSP). While I usually woke up to something by Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and the like, this morning, the DJ was … Continue reading »

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This might be why you don’t believe you’ll be financially successful

It’s not hard to find bad economic news that applies to you. If you’re a millennial, chances are the job market is terrible for you. If you’re a baby boomer, chances are that you’re either underwater in your house or you have not enough saved for retirement. If you’re a woman, the gender pay gap … Continue reading »

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My mortgage principle that I broke (sort of)

  Finances and emotions. They go together like one explosively codependent couple. Don’t be fooled by my focus in the numbers side of the situation; I’m not immune to fear and anxiety either. I’m going through the process of becoming a first-time homebuyer. And because of this, I’m going back into debt for the first … Continue reading »

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The benefits of anxiety while flying

  For the past few years, I’ve flown over 25,000 miles each year, a respectable distance. With such a experience, you would think that I would have no problems with anxiety while flying. You would be wrong. But I consider the anxiety a kind of blessing, or at least useful.

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Shame, or why you don’t do what you know you must

  If you’ve spent any time with this site—or even if you haven’t—I want to ask you a small favor. I’d like you to trust me enough that you won’t skip this post. It’s pretty short. You can skip the first section if you want. This one even has a soundtrack. Thanks.

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Lessons from a burning building

  Have you ever wondered how someone could jump off the ledge of a building that’s on fire? Picture the scene, the flames roaring out of the windows of a multi-story building. The top floors are totally engulfed, thick black smoke filling the air. The person stands on a ledge way up toward the roof. … Continue reading »

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Some things I know

  I may not know much.  Actually, I’m sure of that.  But here are a few things that I am pretty sure of.

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