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Why can’t we talk about money with our friends?

Do you have someone you can talk about money with? Notice that before you can answer that question, we actually need to specify what kind of conversation we’re having. “Talking about money” can mean not only the nuts and bolts (how to budget, invest, save, etc) but also the more relational, emotional topics. The feelings … Continue reading »

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The grief of getting what you want

  It’s always nice to hear from people who are achieving their goals. Whether it’s getting through school, taking a trip across the world, or even finding a partner, it is always inspiring to hear these success stories. (Or at least it can be. At low points in my life it has made me feel … Continue reading »

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Is it better to travel alone or with others?

  Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the great pleasure of being able to travel internationally with two friends of mine. This is a treat, as it’s been almost a decade since I traveled internationally with anyone, and never in a group. In the intervening years, I’ve been to quite a few new countries … Continue reading »

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It’s about the people

  I climbed Mt. St. Helens a few days ago. I’m not bragging, though; it’s not actually a technical climb like you might expect. Despite the snow-covered peak you see north of Portland, peeking (peaking?) out in the distance, you don’t need crampons, ice-picks, or any professional training. About all you need are hiking poles, … Continue reading »

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What is the difference between a friend and a love?

  The standard social model is as follows: You have a large number of acquaintances, followed by a smaller number of close friends, and then at the top: the single solitary love. Putting aside the acquaintances for now, it’s the differences between a close friend and a love that interest me.

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On losing a friend

  I’ve talked before about being grateful: for your health, for your security/safety, for your freedom, but most of all for your friends and family. You may think that your most important work is your job, career, hobbies, or art, but I’d wager instead that your most important work is your relationship with others. Without … Continue reading »

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Lift only one leg at a time, or how to move forward successfully

  One <blank> at a time. You can fill in the blank with many possible answers. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you recover from alcoholism or other diseases? One day at a time. There’s even a travel hacking site that I read often called One Mile At … Continue reading »

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How to use induced demand to your advantage

  In my last post I talked about induced demand, the counter-intuitive idea that when there is a greater supply of a resource, more of it is used.  I see this most often in discussion of transportation issues, where people assume that the solution to traffic-clogged roads is to widen the roads (or to build … Continue reading »

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What highway congestion can teach you about your goals

  Many of you spend a large chunk of your life stuck in traffic.  And I feel for you; I lived in New York City with a car for seven years, and while I never commuted to work using my car, whenever I had to drive anywhere I felt like was living in my own … Continue reading »

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Which lasts longer, a Thing or an Experience?

  I used to try to avoid going out to eat. It’s not that I didn’t like restaurants, it’s just that I found it hard to rationalize them on a tight budget. More than that, though, the idea of its transience bothered me.  I would go out, enjoy a nice meal, and then what?  That … Continue reading »

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