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Years from now, you’ll wish you started today

If there’s one thing I hear from so many people, it’s that they wish they started something years ago. Often it’s saving for retirement. “I just think of all those years I could have been saving, and I wasn’t doing it…” And true, the power of compound interest does favor the younger folks. You’ve all … Continue reading »

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Your past performance doesn’t guarantee your future results

The phrase “past performance doesn’t guarantee future results” is ubiquitous in financial sales literature. It has to be; it’s the law. Having encountered that phrase hundreds or thousands of times so far in my reading over the years, it’s become almost a mantra too. But as I occupy myself not just with how to help … Continue reading »

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Tony Robbins’ finance app, or how the end of history is already happening

I got on a bit of a rant when I talked about the end of history. If nothing else, it made me want to print out anything important in my life (like this website, which at the time of writing has almost 400 posts)! But a lot of my argumentation is about what happens in the future. … Continue reading »

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How to plan when you fear the worst

  I think investing is fun. I mean, you put some money aside, sit on it, and then after a while, you get more of it. Couldn’t be easier, right? All you need to do is spend some time setting things up, and then maybe a periodic rebalancing to make sure that the investments you … Continue reading »

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