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Why people stop at wanting “more”

So I’ve talked about the problem with just saying that you “want more”. In most contexts, I hear it about money, but there are plenty of other areas where we use this wording. People want “more” time. People want “more” community. I ran the Shamrock Run again this past weekend, and the temptation to say … Continue reading »

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The problem with wanting “more”

“I wish I had more money.” I hear this at discussion groups, coaching sessions, and even just conversations with friends. I can’t help but remember that commercial from my childhood for a trade school, with Sally Struthers as spokesperson: “Do you want to make more money? Of course, we all do.” But do we really? … Continue reading »

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The necessity of being a millionaire

  So I talked about how being a millionaire is both more achievable and less meaningful than ever before. In fact, I’ll go even further by saying that for many of us, it’s also effectively mandatory. Yes, I’m saying that it’s not a matter of aspiring to be a millionaire, but that you need to … Continue reading »

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The importance of a shared financial strategy for couples

  In my post about how couples can combine their finances, I ended by stating that if there was any wrong answer on the many ways that such commingling was possible, it was to not talk about your strategy. If two people are working in opposite directions, they are¬†going to get nowhere. If one person … Continue reading »

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The grief of getting what you want

  It’s always nice to hear from people who are achieving their goals. Whether it’s getting through school, taking a trip across the world, or even finding a partner, it is always inspiring to hear these success stories. (Or at least it can be. At low points in my life it has made me feel … Continue reading »

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How badly do you want it?

  Stop for a second and think about what you want most. It could be worldly or ethereal, it doesn’t matter. And to be clear, I mean the first idea that came to mind. Don’t skip over it because you feel ashamed or guilty or undeserving. Don’t sugar coat it within your own mind. Think … Continue reading »

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Where to go from here

  I always try to keep my posts focused on you, and how I can use the few things I’ve learned to help you out. I use my antics as a jumping off point, but let’s be honest, if this site were just about me, the only people who would be reading would be my … Continue reading »

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How to write 75,000 words

  On the morning of November 12, 2012, I was standing perched on the ladder of a bunk bed in a hostel in Hawaii, with my laptop sitting on the upper bed. Before I set off to do some exploring, I opened my laptop, took a deep breath, and pressed a button. At that moment, … Continue reading »

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If you’re not doing it, stop

  I like to think about ways to get myself people to accomplish things and not just say that I’m they are “going to, someday”. I’m fascinated by what it is inside ourselves that causes us to self-sabotage. (The book “The War of Art” is probably the most poetic discussion of such a thorny topic, … Continue reading »

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Change your personal narrative

  I was that kid in gym class that never got picked for anything. When they absolutely had to pick everyone for some event, I would be almost dead last, my mortification saved only by a few kids seemingly even more athletically hopeless than I was. Gym class is one of childhood’s traumas, and I … Continue reading »

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