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There is no glory in poverty

Henry Rollins, who I’ve previously mentioned as being an honorary Unlikely Radical, perhaps the one that I aspire to be like the most, once joked at a spoken word show about a fictitious performance art piece, one with the pretension level amped up to its highest level. In it he mused that he would: “…pound all these symbols of … Continue reading »

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Revisiting how to be grateful

  It’s Thanksgiving here in the US today. Many people have braved ridiculous airfares, maddening traffic, and horrendous delays, just to spend some time with their family and friends. But once you get past all of the hassle, there remains one of the only uncommercialized holidays there is, a remarkable achievement if you think about … Continue reading »

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How to be grateful

  All throughout my childhood Thanksgiving dinners, I was asked to be grateful.  Grateful for our food, our health, our families, whatever.  And I don’t know if other people felt the same way as I did, but it always felt forced.  It’s not that I wasn’t thankful for all that I had, it’s just that … Continue reading »

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