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To your good health

I talk a lot (endlessly, some might say) about how to change your habits and make massive changes in your life, specifically with money. Being wealthy isn’t about making a ton of money (ask any NFL star who filed for bankruptcy), it’s about keeping more of what what you have. It’s about small actions taken … Continue reading »

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Spend more for food

  When I lived in New York City, money was a big concern, and food was a big part of that. I never went out to restaurants, and in fact the once-monthly trip to the grocery store was a big event. I would go to the lowest-cost grocery store, where I would fill up a … Continue reading »

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Lift only one leg at a time, or how to move forward successfully

  One <blank> at a time. You can fill in the blank with many possible answers. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you recover from alcoholism or other diseases? One day at a time. There’s even a travel hacking site that I read often called One Mile At … Continue reading »

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