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Why I pay tolls gladly

  I’ll admit it, I used to avoid tolls. I remember on drives from Philadelphia to points south, there was a toll booth at the Delaware/Maryland border that could be avoided by getting off at the prior exit, paralleling the highway for a few miles, and then getting back on. For this, I saved a … Continue reading »

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How to use induced demand to your advantage

  In my last post I talked about induced demand, the counter-intuitive idea that when there is a greater supply of a resource, more of it is used.  I see this most often in discussion of transportation issues, where people assume that the solution to traffic-clogged roads is to widen the roads (or to build … Continue reading »

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What highway congestion can teach you about your goals

  Many of you spend a large chunk of your life stuck in traffic.  And I feel for you; I lived in New York City with a car for seven years, and while I never commuted to work using my car, whenever I had to drive anywhere I felt like was living in my own … Continue reading »

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