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Why the home mortgage interest deduction is a disappointment

UPDATE: I originally made a math error below, and have corrected it. Apologies. UPDATE #2: I have another take on this. “Oh you’ve got a mortgage now!” goes Conventional Wisdom. “Now your taxes will be lower because you’ll be able to deduct your mortgage interest.” I admit that the idea is appealing. It’s not a reason … Continue reading »

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The homeowner’s “garden”: a little equity grows

  Have you ever bought a home? Well, if you only have a single full time job, and want another one on top of it, well, this is the plan for you. Everything in this process seems to have resulted in the need for another person to come on board. It’s been like an endless … Continue reading »

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Why I’m going back into debt (or why I was never really debt-free)

  I’ve long railed against debt. Debt slows you down from achieving what you want, and forces you to pay companies that don’t have your best interests in mind. I paid off my last debts four years ago, and I felt an immediate and lasting sense of intense relief. It was like there was an … Continue reading »

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Why not pay cash for a home?

  WARNING: This post contains math. There is definitely something compelling to owning your own home, from both a psychological standpoint but also a financial standpoint. But I’m not a fan of debt. You know this by now. And in case you haven’t noticed, homes are a little expensive these days. For most people, this … Continue reading »

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How to live rent-free

  If you rent your living space, it’s probably your largest recurring bill. By a fairly significant margin. (Or, at least I hope it is. If it’s not, either you’ve got a great living situation, or you’re in big trouble. Maybe I can help.) I bet there’s a part of you who looks at your … Continue reading »

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Home ownership revisited

  One of my very first posts at Unlikely Radical was titled “Why renting is better than owning“. Later, I noted that while some people feel that home ownership provides a feeling of security, others will feel exactly the opposite. Much more recently, responding to the house fever that seemed to be infusing my social … Continue reading »

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Five reasons why you can’t afford to buy a home

  It seems like lots of people I talk to these days are thinking about buying a home. Perhaps it’s the season, or the particular intersection of age and socio-economic background in the circles I travel in. Perhaps it’s coincidence. I don’t know. It’s crossed my mind too. The desire to own one’s own domicile … Continue reading »

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