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Travel hacking to get the whirlpool suite in a sold-out hotel

  I like to play the travel hacking game. I suspect you likely do too, considering this post is one of the most frequently-viewed pages on this site. I play the game a bit differently from many other people though. I don’t put all my purchases on credit cards to manufacture points and I rarely … Continue reading »

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Travel hacking to get free hotels

  I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Gwangju, South Korea. The question that invariably popped up whenever I told anyone that I was staying in Gwangju (even Koreans all said this) was, “why!?” Yikes, do they know something I don’t? Why was I there? A free hotel stay, of course.

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How to determine how much money you need to travel

  Warning: this post contains math. I want to expand on a point I made last time about reasons people don’t travel: namely not having enough money. I’ve been having an ongoing conversation where I’m trying to convince someone to take action and commit a trip that she seems to really want to take. But … Continue reading »

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