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The past and future of home prices, or how no one remembers history

In many areas of the country, home prices are going crazy. Or at least that’s the narrative. I just discovered an amazingly engrossing interactive chart by The Economist where they show home prices in various U.S. cities as a function of time and other metrics.┬áThe picture it paints with home prices is one that matches … Continue reading »

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On cultural programming, or why a home is not necessarily a house

  While writing why you probably can’t afford to buy a home, I found myself subconsciously substituting the word “house” for the word “home.” That article, one of the longest I’ve ever written for this site, has the word “home” appear about two dozen times. I probably had to consciously stop and substitute the word … Continue reading »

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Five reasons why you can’t afford to buy a home

  It seems like lots of people I talk to these days are thinking about buying a home. Perhaps it’s the season, or the particular intersection of age and socio-economic background in the circles I travel in. Perhaps it’s coincidence. I don’t know. It’s crossed my mind too. The desire to own one’s own domicile … Continue reading »

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