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Can someone please explain to me why there is so much wage disparity?

I worked in retail for many years. I sometimes have nightmares that I’ll have to go back to it. And yet, I think my retail experiences were relatively tame. A department story, a toy store, a gas station, Kinko’s. I never had to work as a busboy or waiter. I never ever had to work … Continue reading »

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The problems with charity

  Ultimately, I think the system of charity, which is hard enough to engage in as it is, is all wrong. The system as it stands right now is: those who have more choose to give to those who have less. Sounds altruistic and unassailable, right? There are two problems that spring to mind: being … Continue reading »

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Is personal responsibility enough?

  As should be pretty obvious by now if you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m a very big fan of taking responsibility for your own life, and specifically your finances. (And, if not, welcome!) I believe we have the tools we need to get ourselves out of whatever holes we’ve gotten … Continue reading »

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