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More lying with numbers: What it really means to be half-wrong about interest rates

It is possible to lie with numbers, or at least mislead. We’ve seen this before when talking about how many hours you have available to work in a given week. It’s not the numbers that are doing the lying, of course; it’s the interpretations we make with them. When Einstein added his famous cosmological constant … Continue reading »

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Is there ever a reason to buy a new car?

  New cars are alluring. Who can deny that? The combination of something being all new, mixed with the sense of freedom (real or imagined) creates an intoxication that is hard to resist. Notice I said “intoxication.” Like lots of intoxicants, it can cause you to do regrettable things.

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Ignore interest rates on debt

  “This card has a 12% APR.” “My student loan is fixed at 5%.” “I can get a new car with a 0% interest loan.” Interest rates are talked about quite often when it comes to financial matters. Mostly, this is because it’s easy; the numbers are usually low, whole numbers, and those are simple … Continue reading »

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