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Beware the second time around

  We were stuck at the Gare du Nord with no place to stay. We had arrived on the Eurostar, fresh from London, with accommodations all arranged. We had booked an apartment near the Champs-Élysées through AirBnb, and everything was set. Our instructions were to contact the owner as soon as we got to Paris. … Continue reading »

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The absolute best way to use frequent flyer miles

  I’m going on a big trip starting this week, and I’m really excited about it! I’ve hinted about it in previous posts, but I wanted to lay it all out here so you can share in my excitement and enthusiasm. It has to do with travel and frequent flyer miles, yes, but it also has … Continue reading »

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Conferring with the enemy (Part 1): A credit card for a travel plan

All posts in this series: Conferring with the enemy (Part 1): A credit card for a travel plan Conferring with the enemy (Part 2): Fulfilling minimum spend requirements on a credit card Conferring with the enemy (Part 3): The waiting (for miles to post) game Conferring with the enemy (Part 4): Redeeming British Airways miles from … Continue reading »

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