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The problems with airline loyalty

So by now, I’ve talked about the problems inherent in certain retail loyalty programs. Programs like Starbucks Rewards and Amazon Prime seem like a good deal, but can often force you in making decisions based on the idea that you’ve “already paid for it”, rather than any good financial decisions. But, as you know, one of my … Continue reading »

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Starbucks just changed its reward program: is it finally worth joining?

  Just because a loyalty program is offered doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to get involved. For example, I don’t recommend joining car rental loyalty programs. And one program I’ve looked at for a while but never liked was the Starbucks “My Starbucks Rewards” program. But the coffee titan recently announced a change … Continue reading »

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Is the Starbucks Rewards program a good deal?

  Starbucks is one of those chains that people love to hate. Some may scoff entirely, preferring (arguably better) local coffee shops, while others go there five times a week minimum. Sometimes people complain about Starbucks while in line for it. People’s attitudes toward Starbucks seem ambivalent at best, including mine. To contribute to this … Continue reading »

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