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Just making sure: Mortgage interest isn’t a reason to hold on to a mortgage

WARNING: This post contains math. “When you have a mortgage, you get a tax deduction for all the mortgage interest you pay. So you shouldn’t pay down your mortgage early, because you’ll lose the tax deduction.” This is one of the most common reasons people say to not pay down your mortgage. But this is a … Continue reading »

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My mortgage principle that I broke (sort of)

  Finances and emotions. They go together like one explosively codependent couple. Don’t be fooled by my focus in the numbers side of the situation; I’m not immune to fear and anxiety either. I’m going through the process of becoming a first-time homebuyer. And because of this, I’m going back into debt for the first … Continue reading »

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Why not pay cash for a home?

  WARNING: This post contains math. There is definitely something compelling to owning your own home, from both a psychological standpoint but also a financial standpoint. But I’m not a fan of debt. You know this by now. And in case you haven’t noticed, homes are a little expensive these days. For most people, this … Continue reading »

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Five reasons why you can’t afford to buy a home

  It seems like lots of people I talk to these days are thinking about buying a home. Perhaps it’s the season, or the particular intersection of age and socio-economic background in the circles I travel in. Perhaps it’s coincidence. I don’t know. It’s crossed my mind too. The desire to own one’s own domicile … Continue reading »

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Forget your credit score (but learn from it)

  I consider myself pretty hard to incite, but our collective focus on our “credit score” can be very frustrating. I think we focus way too much on our credit score, and it leads us to make decisions for the wrong reasons.

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Pay what you owe (and take the high road)

  Last time I talked about how I automate all my bills, and recommend that you do the same. But during the course of my argument, I dropped in this statement: …most of all, your record will say that you did not do what you promised to do. Yes, you may be dealing with companies … Continue reading »

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Is there such a thing as good debt?

  I said it for years: “…but it’s good debt.” More specifically: “I have [a stupid amount] in student loan debt, but it’s okay, because it’s good debt. I mean, at least it’s not credit card debt.” One day, though, that no longer rang true for me. I started to wonder, what makes debt “good?”

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