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Your past performance doesn’t guarantee your future results

The phrase “past performance doesn’t guarantee future results” is ubiquitous in financial sales literature. It has to be; it’s the law. Having encountered that phrase hundreds or thousands of times so far in my reading over the years, it’s become almost a mantra too. But as I occupy myself not just with how to help … Continue reading »

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A salve for those who have not found success yet

I’ve always had big—if not always specific—dreams. To be a musician and fill concert halls, to be a sound engineer and produce bands, to build a large and vibrant online community, to be a financial coach, to be able to travel the world as much as I want, to work for myself. Anything to escape the … Continue reading »

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This might be why you don’t believe you’ll be financially successful

It’s not hard to find bad economic news that applies to you. If you’re a millennial, chances are the job market is terrible for you. If you’re a baby boomer, chances are that you’re either underwater in your house or you have not enough saved for retirement. If you’re a woman, the gender pay gap … Continue reading »

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Most people never leave their backyard, or The speed of adulthood

  We were standing on the top of the Arc de Triomphe. (Side note: no, this was not something I thought you could do, but it was great that we could.) It was a kind of “triomphe” for my Mom, for whom this was a first-in-her-lifetime (but not a once-in-a-lifetime) experience. She was lost in … Continue reading »

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