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You really can move to a new place

I’ve written about how you can and should love where you live. I sometimes get some push-back on this that feels like excuses. People spend a lot of time defending their own unhappy inertia, that circumstances simply prevent them from changing, and that there is simply nothing they can do. This rationalization seems to grant … Continue reading »

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How to know if it’s time to move away

On a recent flight home, I fell into conversation with a friendly woman from my birth city of Philadelphia. She was on her way to a small town in the Pacific Northwest for a job interview and was as excited as she was nervous. Hearing that I not only lived in Portland, but also was … Continue reading »

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One surefire way to pare down your possessions

  There’s a lot of talk these days about minimalism. Apparently, we’ve all gotten so good at acquiring stuff that there now is a trend toward pairing down. It used to be that whoever had the largest house, the biggest amount of stuff, was seen as being culturally “winning”. But eventually, we have found that most … Continue reading »

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On being kicked out of my apartment, or Nothing is unexpected

  Have you ever rented a place, and been very comfortable there, only to receive a voicemail message from your landlord that started like this: “I don’t know how to say this to you, but I just wanted to say that you’ve been a very amazing tenant…” Uh oh. Without even hearing the end of … Continue reading »

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What do people really mean by location independence?

  A few years ago, I performed a feat of employee jiu jitsu: I was able to convince my boss to let me start working from across the country. Like many people, I first heard about the idea of “location independence” from Tim Ferriss and his book “The Four Hour Work Week,” which at this … Continue reading »

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Can you help make places more people-friendly?

  (200th post! Thanks everyone for your support.) I talked before about the pain of being in a place that isn’t designed for you. It might have seemed a bit heavier than the usual fare here, but then again, if we were all happy with the way the system works, we wouldn’t be here together on … Continue reading »

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Why renting is better than owning

  I was taught that everyone should eventually own a home.  Actually, like so many of these cultural imperatives, I didn’t so much learn this as much it was absorbed into my head through some kind of osmosis.  Owning is just “what you do” eventually, once you can.  You’ve probably heard some of these phrases:  … Continue reading »

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