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NEXUS is inconsistently awesome: a report on flying to Canada

  I’ve written before about NEXUS and how much of a good deal it is for most people who fly on any regular basis. To recap: $50 and an interview (and your eyeballs scanned) will get you expedited security and no-need to opt-out for five years. In addition, one of the huge benefits (and indeed, … Continue reading »

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Become a Trusted Traveler with NEXUS (and get your eyeballs scanned)

  A few months ago, I wrote about my experience signing up for NEXUS, the joint border clearance program between the US and Canada that allows for expedited travel in, out, and between the two countries. The process for getting a NEXUS card is fairly simple: you pay a $50 fee and they run a … Continue reading »

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How to get Global Entry for 50% off (and zip through customs and security lines)

  Going through customs can be a drag. You are accosted by a┬ábored-yet-potentially-malevolent customs officer, who volleys questions at you. These questions seem innocuous, but are can be phrased so as to imply subtle accusation (“Why did you leave the U.S.?“). You know that if you answer with just a hint of hesitation, that there … Continue reading »

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