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Why you never have to give out your email address to get online

  Don’t you hate it when you can’t get online unless input your email address? How frustrating. Well I say, the hell with them. I’m talking about WiFi captive portals. These are the screens that show up when you first connect to certain WiFi networks. Instead of going to the web address you requested, you … Continue reading »

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In-app-ropriate: don’t use an online service to track your spending

  There are numerous sites and apps where you can sign up to manage your money, track your spending, and all of that. From what I’ve seen, they range from okay to horrendous, depending on what their angle is (and what they’re selling). My problem with them is primarily that they are unnecessary. Do you … Continue reading »

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The four questions to ask yourself before posting anything online

  Hi everyone. Read about any compromising pictures of famous people being leaked online lately? Pardon me while I bang my head against the wall. I’m not sure if I’m more angry at some people or mortified for others. I think there’s nothing wrong with taking intimate pictures for private use, but I think that … Continue reading »

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