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Keep a list of bill payment methods

So just like with expenses, there are a number of methods which can be used to pay bills. And there are pros and cons to each method. One of the issues that comes up with bill paying is that you will need to periodically update your payment information. This most often occurs when you get … Continue reading »

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How to potentially double your money’s impact via lump sum debt reduction

It can be hard to visualize how paying a debt off works. There’s an interplay between principal and interest. You pay money to reduce the principal, but during that time, interest on the debt has piled up, reducing the impact of your payment and adding to the amount you owe. You might think the a … Continue reading »

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Technology isn’t the answer to our finance problems

I believe we live in a techno-uptopian society. By this, I mean that “technology” is seen as the answer to whatever ails us. How else to describe the over-inflation that is Silicon Valley (and its cousins Silicon Alley, Silicon Forest, and other similarly branded technology centers)? Where is all of the venture capitalist money ($7.9 … Continue reading »

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Why signing up for an accelerated mortgage payment plan is a bad idea

  Did you ever notice how when you move and submit one of those change-of-address forms, your new mailbox is automatically inundated with tons of ads for unnecessary crap? Entreaties to sign up for services like the Gravel of the Month Club or the Build Your Own Roof Shingles Club or Plastic Potted Plants R … Continue reading »

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