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Why people stop at wanting “more”

So I’ve talked about the problem with just saying that you “want more”. In most contexts, I hear it about money, but there are plenty of other areas where we use this wording. People want “more” time. People want “more” community. I ran the Shamrock Run again this past weekend, and the temptation to say … Continue reading »

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Is it a good idea to have an “Adventure” expenses category when traveling?

If you’ve read this site for any length of time, you know how about you can obtain best results with your money by tracking your expenses. Moreover, if you categorize your expenses, you can learn even more about how you spend your money, which can lead to making better, more informed choices. (And most likely … Continue reading »

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How to plan a trip to anywhere via travel hacking

I was at a party recently where the conversation turned to travel. One person in particular was trying to get to a destination (somewhere in South America, I forget the specific city) the following month, and wanted to know how they could do it for cheap, possibly using frequent flyer miles. Well, they could start planning sooner … Continue reading »

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You’re surviving, but are you thriving?

  With the new year upon us, most people are detoxing from too many holiday parties, too much holiday travel, and and way too much holiday food/drink/board games (or whatever else you did to excess). I don’t begrudge anyone excess, of course. But now all of that has rolled to a close. And with it, … Continue reading »

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Getting my mom and I to London and back: a study in trip planning

  In my last post I talked about how my mom and I were going to Europe together. Specifically London, although we threw in Paris at the last moment. It’s a really exciting time. For me, one of the best parts of travel is the planning of it. Flights, trains, hotels, etc. I know that … Continue reading »

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You are no longer allowed to say you didn’t know your college degree wouldn’t pay off

  College tuition in the US rises somewhere in the vicinity of 7% a year. Wage inflation rises between 1%-4%, depending on the source you consult and how good a year we’re having. This is clearly, mathematically unsustainable. You don’t even need to be fully aware to see that at this rate, college will eventually … Continue reading »

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How to do college wrong

  There were parts of college that I did pretty stupidly. I mean, I guess everyone is stupid in college in some way, but I mean that I made some decisions (or rather, didn’t make some decisions) that I would never do if I were in that situation today. In fact, if I were advising … Continue reading »

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Conferring with the enemy (Part 1): A credit card for a travel plan

All posts in this series: Conferring with the enemy (Part 1): A credit card for a travel plan Conferring with the enemy (Part 2): Fulfilling minimum spend requirements on a credit card Conferring with the enemy (Part 3): The waiting (for miles to post) game Conferring with the enemy (Part 4): Redeeming British Airways miles from … Continue reading »

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Time to plan your financial year

  Welcome to the New Year. The holidays are over. The holiday parties are over (and if not, bravo for your stamina). You probably ate and drank too much, but about as much as you expected to. This is not your first rodeo. You probably spent too much as well. But again, that’s what happens … Continue reading »

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Christmas is always in December, or why to plan for holidays

  So, we know that we need to save for yearly bills. Well, we need to save for yearly expenses too. (To those who are new here, welcome! You may be wondering what’s the difference between a Bill and an Expense? Well, a Bill is a regular and recurring debit or withdrawal from your budget, … Continue reading »

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