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How to combine finances when you’re non-monogamous

  So, if you’ve been following along, I talked about commingling finances for couples, and the importance of talking about dreams┬áto get on board together. Then I hedged a bit and talked about how speaking solely of couples is inadequate, that the focus on just two people rules out people whose lives contain more than … Continue reading »

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What about non-traditional relationships?

  In my previous two posts on couples and finances, I struggled with the specificness of the subject matter. The problem shows up when one realizes that one has inadvertently excluded certain types of interpersonal relations. Two examples come to mind, one which I managed to sidestep, and another that I utterly (but inevitably/intentionally) failed … Continue reading »

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Is it possible to be with more than one … airline?

  I never realized that when we met, it would last so long. I remember it well. It was 2001, and I was on my way to Burning Man. I was terribly late in getting to the airport, too late, an employee at the curb told me, to be able to check my bag. Before … Continue reading »

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