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How your mode of travel affects your experience

  I recently attended Dan Savage’s Valentine’s Day live event. I’ve actually spent the past three V-Days with Dan, but this is the first year he came to my town instead of me going to his. The event was in a brand new event space called Revolution Hall, a converted auditorium in a historic high … Continue reading »

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How to handle when your neighborhood changes

  Portland is known as a hotbed of urban progressiveness, but it’s surrounded by some fairly rural and conservative areas. Drive out toward the edge of the urban growth boundary, and the Subarus and Priuses (Priii?) will be replaced by muddy pickup trucks. The urban/rural divide here is very pronounced. But everyone lives in their … Continue reading »

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Your right to park on your street

  There are big changes in my area of Portland, changes that mirror a lot of areas of the country. One of the thoroughfares, Division St., is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Once populated by auto-supply stores, dive bars, and other vestiges of the “Old Portland”, much of these buildings have been replaced with 3-4 story … Continue reading »

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Me as a remote worker, or how I became spatially independent

  I’ve talked before about how the phrase “location independence” is actually two different situations that are often confused: spatial independence (being anywhere) and temporal independence (being, um, “anywhen”?) I believe that it’s much easier to transition to spatial independence than it is to either transition to temporal independence or have both at the same … Continue reading »

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Why rail trails are great, sort of

  The Springwater Corridor Trail is a rail trail in the Portland area. It starts out on the eastern waterfront, and follows the Willamette River south for about 4 miles before turning inland along Johnson Creek, through the towns of Milwaukie, Gresham, and finally terminating some 20 miles later in the unfortunately-named town of Boring. … Continue reading »

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Why renting is better than owning

  I was taught that everyone should eventually own a home.  Actually, like so many of these cultural imperatives, I didn’t so much learn this as much it was absorbed into my head through some kind of osmosis.  Owning is just “what you do” eventually, once you can.  You’ve probably heard some of these phrases:  … Continue reading »

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You can (and should) love where you live

  In my post on managing the post-vacation blues, I identified three strategies that you can employ to reduce or manage the emotional let down that comes along with returning from a trip or vacation.  There was a fourth strategy, one that is arguably larger than the other three put together, but I realized that … Continue reading »

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