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Why I still opt-out at airports

  (Update: I don’t need to opt-out anymore because I have NEXUS.) In response to the terror attacks of 2001, airport security came under intense scrutiny. In the US, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was formed, which was mandated to make us safer, but without any realistic way of doing this. Instead we got what … Continue reading »

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Why using sinking funds is a revolutionary act

  A sinking fund, as I talked about before, is a way of saving up for large expenses in advance. It’s a kind of a quaint, old-timey way of doing things, which might be why it appeals to me. A sinking fund is way simpler than it even sounds, and it sounds pretty obvious to … Continue reading »

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How disruptive innovation enables effective protest

  Last time, I talked about how protesting a single oil company wasn’t an effective way to effect change. Instead, I argued for reducing car-dependency through land use changes. This undermining of a business model is known as disruptive innovation, and I think it can be a useful idea to think about when you’re working … Continue reading »

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