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How to know when to make an impulse purchase

Ramit Sethi, the I Will Teach You To Be Rich guy, has a rule about books: If you’re “thinking about” buying a book, just buy it. Don’t waste 5 secs debating. Even 1 idea makes it worth it. I may not be this cavalier about books (because one might easily end up with a big … Continue reading »

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Calculate the opportunity cost

Opportunity cost can be defined as “the value of the choice of a best alternative lost while making a decision.” Or, more colloquially, it’s “what you could have done if you had chosen differently.” I’ve talked before that one should consider the opportunity cost. But considering is one thing; how do you calculate the opportunity cost? I had … Continue reading »

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How my 1990 Geo Prizm helped me buy a home

Small moves today can create big possibilities tomorrow. In the same way, small moves years ago create big possibilities today. I’ve certainly seen this in my own life. The story starts, rather improbably, with a two hour wait on a train platform in the middle of the night. And leads, also improbably, with the keys to … Continue reading »

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I’m getting a new phone!

With the new year approaching, it’s time not only to reflect on the year that’s passed, but it’s also time to look at where you are today and see if it’s still working for you. What would you like to change? Are there aspects of your life that aren’t working for you anymore? This can … Continue reading »

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