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Give yourself less time

  I’m writing this post while procrastinating on work that I’m supposed to be doing. I know, I’m sure this sounds totally unfamiliar to you.

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If you’re not doing it, stop

  I like to think about ways to get myself people to accomplish things and not just say that I’m they are “going to, someday”. I’m fascinated by what it is inside ourselves that causes us to self-sabotage. (The book “The War of Art” is probably the most poetic discussion of such a thorny topic, … Continue reading »

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Why you don’t travel more

  “I wish I could travel more.” Oh, if I had a frequent flyer mile for every time I’ve heard this lament. Travel appears to be the universal wish. Even the usual mileposts of marriage, kids, and house don’t seem to be as universal as the desire to travel. It may not be explicit, but … Continue reading »

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