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How to transfer an IRA to Vanguard

Many years ago, when I was first learning about investing, I decided to start my own IRA. At my coworker’s suggestion, I set up the account at Scottrade. Over the course of two years, I put a little bit of money in it, and then sort of left it alone. In hindsight, I guess I thought … Continue reading »

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It’s 4 AM: Do you know where your retirement accounts are?

I just remembered that I have a gift card with money on it that I haven’t yet spent. The gift card is for Williams-Sonoma, a nice place for sure, but looks like I’ll be able to afford only a pot holder or half a pair of tongs. I’m not alone in not spending my gift … Continue reading »

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Can you use your retirement account as your emergency fund?

  My high school algebra teacher always had some sagacious advice for our class. “Open the door before you walk through it.” That sort of thing. This always elicited a laugh from us, which I suppose was the point. Though laughs aside, there is an order to operations. Walk before you run. Shallow before deep … Continue reading »

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Financial cage match: Paying off student loans versus investing for retirement

  Recently, I made the bold claim that those who have debt aren’t ready to start saving for retirement. I added some relaxing caveats, but I really wanted to put them in an order. Debt first, investing later. I don’t think this advice is particularly contentious when it comes to credit card debt. I’m pretty … Continue reading »

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Do you even want to retire?

  I talked last time about the need for a plan for your time in retirement. Of course, for many of us, the idea of retirement seems a fantasy, and a cruel one at that. Who is going to have the money for that, aside from the 1%? My answer to that, if you’ve been … Continue reading »

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What will you do when you retire?

  When you have a full time “day job”, your weekdays are fairly busy. You can feel like you’re on an endless treadmill, constantly moving and going, where even your sleeping hours feel oddly regimented. But, if you’re like me at all, you can get so focused on the week’s activities that when the weekend … Continue reading »

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The necessity of being a millionaire

  So I talked about how being a millionaire is both more achievable and less meaningful than ever before. In fact, I’ll go even further by saying that for many of us, it’s also effectively mandatory. Yes, I’m saying that it’s not a matter of aspiring to be a millionaire, but that you need to … Continue reading »

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Why you must become an investing expert

  Talking about investing tends to bring out some strong feelings in people, often negative. “I hate it!” is a common refrain. “I don’t want to have to deal with it” is another. Now, I’m sympathetic, as all my life I’ve found myself interested in things that the majority of people aren’t interested in. The problem … Continue reading »

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