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Do you need to be certified in order to do your work?

  As a proponent of what I call “integrative financial coaching” I get to help people not only with improving their finances, but also help them heal their relationship to money, allowing them an easier path towards success in more areas of their life. With this in mind, the question sometimes arises: “Are you a … Continue reading »

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How school failed us

  I always loved school. Did I just lose you? If so, that’s okay, see you next time.

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Who is responsible for your income?

  I have some unhappy news:  Your job could go away at any time. I think we all know this, but it’s in a vague or distant way, like how we all know that we are going to die, but it (hopefully!) is far enough in the future that it doesn’t affect our day-to-day living.

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