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Would I have done college differently if I had wanted to avoid debt?

I’m annoyed when I think about debt. It’s a thing that I want to get away from, like a snoring person in the room, or a screaming baby on the plane. I want it gone. When I was in high school, debt wasn’t something I thought about. I went to college and took out student loans, … Continue reading »

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Is it a good idea to get your student loans forgiven?

Like approximately everyone, I graduated college with student loans. If there was a way to get my loans “forgiven”, no one told me. At the time, all I knew was that I had to either pay what I owed, pay interest only, or ask for a temporary forbearance (which I did on occasion when times were … Continue reading »

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Financial cage match: Paying off student loans versus investing for retirement

  Recently, I made the bold claim that those who have debt aren’t ready to start saving for retirement. I added some relaxing caveats, but I really wanted to put them in an order. Debt first, investing later. I don’t think this advice is particularly contentious when it comes to credit card debt. I’m pretty … Continue reading »

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The Debt Math Throwdown (or testing the debt snowball)

  In my discussion about how to pay off your debt, I mentioned how there were primarily two schools of thought: pay off the highest interest rate first, or pay off the smallest debt first (a.k.a. “the debt snowball”). The debt snowball camp points to the psychology of the method as ensuring its success. The … Continue reading »

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How to figure out which debt to pay off first

  If you’re like most people, you have a few credit cards here and there, maybe a student loan payment, and perhaps a car payment. In addition, maybe you own a house and have a mortgage payment. That’s a lot of bills to manage. How do you tackle paying them off? Do you pick one … Continue reading »

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Pay what you owe (and take the high road)

  Last time I talked about how I automate all my bills, and recommend that you do the same. But during the course of my argument, I dropped in this statement: …most of all, your record will say that you did not do what you promised to do. Yes, you may be dealing with companies … Continue reading »

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Is there such a thing as good debt?

  I said it for years: “…but it’s good debt.” More specifically: “I have [a stupid amount] in student loan debt, but it’s okay, because it’s good debt. I mean, at least it’s not credit card debt.” One day, though, that no longer rang true for me. I started to wonder, what makes debt “good?”

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