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How to lie with numbers: How many hours can you work?

One might argue that numbers are apolitical. I mean, how do you spin the number 4? How do you argue about it? Whether to close the top loop or keep it open? There’s not much there. Unfortunately, numbers can be used to promote anyone’s agenda. So in the spirit of Mark Monmonier’s classic “How To … Continue reading »

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What will you do when you retire?

  When you have a full time “day job”, your weekdays are fairly busy. You can feel like you’re on an endless treadmill, constantly moving and going, where even your sleeping hours feel oddly regimented. But, if you’re like me at all, you can get so focused on the week’s activities that when the weekend … Continue reading »

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This is why you feel like you don’t have enough time

  I once read a book in which the author opined how a person should be willing to work double time, or on the weekends. The idea was that if one worked weekends, it will be all overtime, and thus at double rates, which would be worth four extra days a week. Do this long … Continue reading »

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