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Why is the budget monthly?

Our system of budgeting is pretty arbitrary. I recommend that everyone make a spending plan based on the calendar month. Twelve months a year: twelve plans a year. Could we do things another way? And are any of them better?

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Does it really matter how much your time is worth?

  How many times have you been a part of a conversation that went something like this? “I was going to take the bus because it was only $18, but it would have taken 6 hours. Then I saw that flying there would be $80, but it would get me there in only two hours.” “Right, … Continue reading »

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Treat time like money

  Any visitor to my home will notice a distinct lack of clocks. At some point during their visit (not a short time, because I assure you I am a deeply scintillating host), they will look around to see what time it is. At first they will glance at the wall for the wall clock … Continue reading »

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This is why you feel like you don’t have enough time

  I once read a book in which the author opined how a person should be willing to work double time, or on the weekends. The idea was that if one worked weekends, it will be all overtime, and thus at double rates, which would be worth four extra days a week. Do this long … Continue reading »

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How the handle the stress of budgeting

  I last talked about bare-bones living, and how it requires extra attention and care. But when you’re living so close to the edge, you’re dealing with a lot of stress as it is. So it can be tempting to see this extra work as adding stress to an already stressful situation. I admit that … Continue reading »

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Be comfortable making mistakes

  My step-brother-in-law is a pretty impressive guy. I don’t know him all that well (not that surprising given our slightly convoluted connection) but every time we meet up I hear about some interesting and complex project that he’s working on, usually involving home renovation. He lives in a farm house on a large property … Continue reading »

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How to use induced demand to your advantage

  In my last post I talked about induced demand, the counter-intuitive idea that when there is a greater supply of a resource, more of it is used.  I see this most often in discussion of transportation issues, where people assume that the solution to traffic-clogged roads is to widen the roads (or to build … Continue reading »

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What highway congestion can teach you about your goals

  Many of you spend a large chunk of your life stuck in traffic.  And I feel for you; I lived in New York City with a car for seven years, and while I never commuted to work using my car, whenever I had to drive anywhere I felt like was living in my own … Continue reading »

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How to handle unstructured time (when you finally get it)

  Busy.  That’s one word that seems to always follow us around.  How are you doing?  “Busy.”  What have you been up to?  “Man, I’ve been really busy.”  How come I don’t hear from you anymore?  “Sorry, I’ve just been really busy.” If you are in a standard full-time job, being busy is pretty much … Continue reading »

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