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How to keep track of your expenses while traveling

Another question that was asked after a recent meeting of the Portland Integrative Finance Community was regarding expense tracking and traveling, namely: “How do you overcome the challenges of tracking expenses while traveling?” Ooh, another great question! Gosh, if the PIFC keeps growing, I’ll never need to think of post ideas again!

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What to do when you have extra category money at the end of the month

At the most recent gathering of the Portland Integrative Finance Community (join for free here), we had a frank and engaging discussion about the challenges and the benefits of tracking your expenses each and every month, something I’ve done for years and espoused on this site over andĀ over. But just saying “track your expenses” is … Continue reading »

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Track or you will fail

  I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Body” recently. Perhaps I’ve been caught up in the New Year’s wave of health resolutions (though it may just be a coincidence, as I’m a year-round gym-goer) but I’ve recently thought that it couldn’t hurt to revisit some of my health goals. Anyway, this isn’t a review … Continue reading »

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How not to be seen (when online)

  There’s been a lot of talk about spying recently in the news. These accusations (most of which, as far as I can tell, are not unfounded) bring a related reminder that what we do online is all-too-easily able to be accessed by entities that aren’t you. While I don’t talk about technology very much … Continue reading »

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