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Why would anyone want to take public transportation if they didn’t have to?

  A reader commented over on the discussion of the changes on Division St. in my neighborhood of Portland, OR: “Why would anyone want to take public transportation if they didn’t have to?” Now, it’s not possible to tell if this was just meant to be incendiary, but even if so, I feel like it’s a question that’s certainly … Continue reading »

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The best deals are hidden

  I landed at Oslo Airport some weeks ago. My destination was the center of town, but Oslo (like most cities) positioned its main airport way on the outskirts of town (over 20 miles away in this case), so I needed to negotiate my way there. I got there just fine, but in the process … Continue reading »

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How (and why) to avoid taxis when traveling

  I have a few informal rules when traveling. One of them is to never take a taxi. Taxis, to me, equate with a kind of failure. Harsh? Perhaps. But it’s nothing personal, I just see it as a personal challenge to avoid taxis, a challenge that I feel benefits me quite well.

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Why rail trails are great, sort of

  The Springwater Corridor Trail is a rail trail in the Portland area. It starts out on the eastern waterfront, and follows the Willamette River south for about 4 miles before turning inland along Johnson Creek, through the towns of Milwaukie, Gresham, and finally terminating some 20 miles later in the unfortunately-named town of Boring. … Continue reading »

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